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310 A W. Rhapsody
San Antonio, TX 78216
ph: 210 797 6406
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310 A W. Rhapsody
San Antonio, TX 78216

ph: 210 797 6406
fax: 210 582 1317



Saltillo tile listello

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old world terra cota tile

Terracotta Heritage tile

Terracotta used in a cover patio in a backet weave pattern

8x16 Terracotta Heritage

French Terracotta tile in caffe color

French style Terracotta 9x14 caffe

Terracota 6x6 Heritage antique.

6x6 Terracota Heritage antique

Terracotta tile used also as kitchen counter top

Terracotta on kitchen countertop

Terracota Listello step raiser

Step raiser and Terracotta steps.

Hand made clay terracotta steps.

Hand made Clay Terracota


French Terracotta tile caffe

French style Terracotta tile caffe




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Handmade Clay Terracotta Tile

Authentic Handcrafted Terracotta Tiles

We have been in the tile business for more than 40 years, and manufacture and install only handmade tile. More about our products >>

Heritage Terracotta Tile - antique and rustic look
European style Tile - contemporary and rustic

At Terramano, we understand that terra cotta tile, Saltillo tile and any other clay tile requires special methods for handling, installation, sealing and care. Serving areas from Louisiana, Texas, Arizona and California all the way to Florida and New York, Terramano sells tile worldwide, doing LTL (less than a truckload) in the United States and Mexico.

This hacienda-style hotel lobby features our Heritage (or “Antique”) terracotta tile, creating a rich, old world feel.

Heritage terracotta tile

Our Hand made mexican terra-cotta tile, enhances the look of the cantera stone fountain giving it the inspiration of a Old Spanish Hacienda.

San Felipe with a riviera pattern

San Felipe with a riviera pattern on a natural Heritage.

San Felipe with a riviera pattern

Hand made Terracotta tile in the caffe french style.

Saltillo tile in dijon pattern

Our Handmade Terracotta tile in the French style gives a Tuscany look without going to a rustic ambiance, giving the warmth and feel of natural and original handmade clay tile products that will make an upgrade on any home. Using a 9x14 French style in the caffe color and laid in a broken joint pattern, welcomes one to an old world look mixed with a contemporary feel giving the perfect ambiance. The steps coping are from our Heritage collection line which have a prolonged texture on the surface giving it a safe and non-slippery base.

With over 40 years of experience, our artisans manufacture our terra cotta tile with the same techniques that were used 5,000 years ago by the Egyptians, making every tile unique in size, color and texture. Our plant is located in Mexico, in the Valle de los Dinosaurios where we have our clay pits.


Our terra cotta tile comes in many shapes and sizes, and can be used to create a wide variety of patterns and designs.

Hand made tile in a Hotel lobby

The Heritage Terracotta tile and the Saltillo tile in a California pattern.

Old world terracotta tile in a backet weave patternSaltillo tile in dijon pattern

         The Terracotta French style Parefeuille tile used on a pool deck                                                   French stain terracotta tile, reclaim tile, saltillo tile, European tile

  Our Antique hand-made terracotta tiles are made the same way it was done many years ago using the same technique from the French region of Provence and are available in a variety of colors and shapes, the Parefeuille selection a rectangular tile available in a warm color palette or a muted coloration (ochre variation), Tomette, an hexagonal tile with a dominant red color, and square shaped tiles also, in a broken joint pattern mix, which is a combination of long and narrow tiles installed the rougher side up to showcase a natural blend texture and colors.

terracotta tiles in a broken joint pattern

    Hand made Terracotta tile in the caffe color. This job was done in a remodel project on a Old Hacinda style construction in a Golf  Club resort, Our French style terracotta tiles resembles the Old World look, giving the warmth and the durability of  Terracotta clay tiles.


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