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When choosing a tile size, consider the space in the rooms. Usually for large spaces, (350 square feet or larger), we will use 12″x12″ tile to 16″x16″ tile. For areas smaller than that, we can use 12″ tile or smaller.

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To determine the ideal shape of clay tile, we consider the style of the house.

  • If the house has square rooms we use square Saltillo tiles.
  • If the house has hallways we use rectangular Saltillo tiles.
  • If the house has polygon-shape we can use hexagons and asymmetrical Saltillo tiles.
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We offer three colors in various tiles: Natural, Speckled and Caffe. Each color offers a different look and feel for your space.

If you like the feeling of open space, we recommend lighter Saltillo tile colors.

If you are looking to create balance, we consider the color of the ceiling.

  • If the ceiling is dark and we use it for a home office we use dark Saltillo tile which gives a sense of privacy.

  • If the ceiling is dark and is for the kitchen, we use dark Saltillo tile.

  • For the master, if you have a dark ceiling, we use a light Saltillo tile to make it look cozy.

  • If the house is small, and you want it to feel bigger, use light Saltillo tile and a light ceiling.

  • If you have low ceilings and like cozy privacy, use dark ceiling and dark Saltillo tile, (This also applies for a home theater.)

  • If you have high dark ceilings you can use semi light and dark color Saltillo tile.

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