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At Terramano we sell Saltillo tile and Terracotta tile Worldwide. Serving areas from Louisiana, Texas, Arizona, and California all the way to Florida and New York, Doing LTL ( Less than a truckload) in the United States and Mexico. At Terramano we take care of the Manufacturing, shipping, and Delivery of our product, we make sure our product is well made and packed to perfection to prevent major damage during shipping however, due to the nature of our handmade products, weather and border inspections shipping times may vary However, we do as much as we can to meet deadlines. Therefore, we are unable to guarantee exact delivery times

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At Terramano we offer installation turnkey services.

  • We make a site visit and measure the areas that will be tiled.
  • We formulate an estimate based on our measurements and considering the size and type of Saltillo tile as well as other factors such as (subflooring, demolition, etc..)
  • Once the Estimate gets approved by the client we set up a project date with our installers to start the installation process.
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After the tile has been laid we recommend sealing the tile properly. At Terramano there are three sealers that we use. The first one is the “Primer” which is a water-repellant sealer that prevents the tile from absorbing outside humidity and also works as a grout release so this sealer is applied before grouting.
The second sealer is an “Enhancer” which is an oil-based sealer that enhances the natural color of the tile, we apply this sealer after the tile has been grouted. Lastly, we apply a top and final sealer which is a silicone-based sealer that will give the tile a beautiful sheen finish and it will also help protect the tile.
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